Jelly Beans and Potato Soup: Security and Prosperity Partnership

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The Security and Prosperity Partnership:
Jelly Beans and Potato Soup
by Hal. C. Sisson, QC
Jelly beans are funny per se; you never find them in discussion of serious matters, but usually used in a humourous or derisive manner.
Stephen Harper's spin doctors know this, which is precisely why they used jelly beans as an example when referring to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) that is more transparently described as the North American Union (NAU). Couple of years ago people said the NAU was only a ludicrous conspiracy theory never to be implemented. Not any more. The question now is are we going to be a part of it?

Prime Minister Harper intimated in his August speech in Montebello, Quebec, that the terms of the SPP agreement being discussed between Canada, the United States and Mexico was nothing more than an attempt to harmonize the policies, laws, rules, and regulations regarding trade of jelly beans throughout North America.
The treaty would make them more easily accessible to the jelly-bean eaters of the continent. "Is the sovereignty of Canada going to fall apart if we standardize the jelly bean?" he asked sarcastically as he glossed over the true content of the subject matter in these traitorous treaties.. Nothing to see here folks, go on about your business. All treaties like NAFTA and SPP do is establish laws that are beyond the reach of our national government. I know best so don't worry.

That is the modus operandi of the Conservative Harper government - discuss matters of exceeding import to Canadians behind closed doors, then downplay, distract, deride and dismiss the importance of the SPP, in the hope that the electorate will overlook the real content until same is a done deal; and we become a junior partner in a North American Union.

Are Canadians going to get 'continental integration' -- the destruction of our sovereignty, access to our oil and water by the United States and Mexico, the privatization of our resources, increased foreign ownership, the right to decide our own destiny - with absolutely NO public consultation or debate on the biggest issue since Confederation? Let all that business be decided by the bankers, Wall Street and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, by executive order of Prime Minister Harper, without reference and debate by Parliament or a referendum of the people? Tom d'Aquino and the Council on Foreign Relations would certainly like that.

To answer that question and before quoting another example of the fish stories that are being pitched by Harper, Bush and their scriptwriters, let me tell you a cautionary travelling salesman tale:

Working out of the City of Saskatoon, Luke Howard Fitzhugh was a itinerant travelling clothing salesman who found himself in the small town of Climax, Saskatchewan, a little whistle stop that had only one hotel.
He takes a room - #323 - and goes down to the dining room for dinner.
The waiter lauds the specialty of the house, the Potato Soup. "This hotel is famous for its potato soup," he says," people come for fifty, seventy-five miles around just to have some of our potato soup." "I don't want any potato soup, thank you," says Fitzhugh.
Another employee approaches Luke and asks, "Why not have some potato soup after your salad. It is very good. Famous actually, healthy, nutritious, and you really should have some." "Look, I don't want any potato soup. I hate potato soup. I always have and always will, so quit bugging me about the potato soup."
As the traveler was ending his meal the chef came out of the kitchen and said, "Why not finish off the meal with a bowl of our famous potato soup?" "I told you I don't want any of your goddamn potato soup. Now leave me alone, I don't want any."
Luke rose angrily from the table and went up to room 323. The knock on Climax was that once reached same there is nought else to do for entertainment. So Luke climbed into bed for an early night's sleep.
Now there is another guy in the hotel who is in room # 223 with his wife - and in the night he gets very sick with a gastric disorder which is so bad his wife has to phone the doctor. The Doc says, "I know his condition, it is dangerous - he had better have a high colonic enema immediately. I'll send over two medics from the hospital to do it right away. What room are you in?" In the excitement the wife gets the room numbers wrong and says," Number 323.
The medics come and go to room 323. Although salesman Fitzhugh puts up one helluva fight, they give him a high colonic enema anyway. A week later one of his friends says to Luke that he has to go down to Climax on business. "I hear you were down there recently. Can you recommend a place to stay?"
Luke Howard Fitzhugh says, "Well, there's only one hotel in town so you have to stay there. But let me tell you this - if they ask you if you want the Potato Soup - TAKE IT - because you are going to get it one way or the other…!

Ask yourself: is that what Canada can expect regarding the SPP? Are we going to get it anyway?
Misinformation about political and economic affairs and deceptions impact all of us whether we like it or not and whether we believe it or not. Are we going to get it any way the Americans want Harper to foist it upon us?

Another example of perfidy and intentional erroneous impression that has had little publicity in Canada, is as follows:

  • "The Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba welcomed the second session of the 39th Legislative Assembly on November 20th, 2007. Reading from the Throne Speech of the Gary Doer government he said," Manitoba is also taking a major role in the development of the mid-continent corridor connecting our northern port of Churchill with trade markets throughout the central United States and Mexico… to advance the concept an alliance has been built with business leaders and state and city governments spanning the entire length of the corridor. When fully developed the trade route will incorporate an inland port in Winnipeg with pre-clearance for international shipping."

In other words he blew the whistle, he made an official definitive statement re: the actuality and ratification of the SPP and the emergence of the North American Union, organized entirely by tub-thumping government committees and private enterprise slicksters, while Canadian citizens are denied information to which they are entitled.
How do you like those apples, Canada? Now contrast the above statement of the existence of the SPP and NAU in a Manitoba legislature with the final press coverage at the conclusion of the Bush/Harper/Calderone summit in Montebello, Quebec in August. The following is quoted from Info/news - 'A reporter addresses all three, reminds them that many people are showing concern about the progress of talks on the Security and Prosperity Partnership, and asks directly, "
  • 1. Can you say that the SPP is not a prelude to a North American Union similar to the European Union and
  • 2. are there plans to build some sort of superhighway connecting the three countries?"

All three leaders outright mocked the questions. Prime Minister Harper was the first to reply. He admitted, with a smirk, that he may have heard some of his opposition leaders speculating on massive water diversion and "some sort of super highway between the countries on the continent - maybe even an interplanetary highway - I'm not sure' he jokes derisively - and the press gang echoes his laughter.

President Bush follows in his own inimitable nit-wit style: "I'm amused by some of the speculation… I'm amused by the differences between what actually takes place in the meetings and what some are trying to say takes place… it's quite comical actually."

And with those clever sidetracking spins the two of them never come close to answering the reporter's two questions or telling us what they really 'think' and believe. Bush finishes with a smile and assures us: "The United States is a force for good." '

Is this conduct treasonous, traitorous?
Not in the case of George Bush as he is only acting in the self-interest and for the greater good of the American Empire, or the New world Order, take your choice. But what to call the position being adopted by the Harper Conservative Government?
With their aid the U.S. gets the elevator and the Canadians get the shaft. In a three way union our laws, policies, rules and regulations will drop to the lowest common denominator set by the United States, of whom we will become even more of a side-kick than we are now. The U.S. is the party who is fighting hardest for a prioritized list of North American standards and the subsequent removal of all differences.

Canadians - ye gods and little fishes! Start figuring out just how beyond stupid and imbecilic you are going to have to be to vote for someone who knows exactly what is going on and what is at stake, and still sells you down the Mississippi River while laughing both behind your back and right in your face.

Brian Mulroney gave us NAFTA immediately after he promised he never would do so. Would a high colonic enema not have been his better reward than the Order of Canada? The Free Trade Agreement is a perfect example of slick lying salesmanship -- the ability to name something so as to create a false impression that appeals to the sheeple. If they had named it properly it would have to be called 'Who Will Work the Cheapest Agreement'. The SPP should be renamed 'the Slavery and Poverty Partnership'.

Canadians have got to get off their respective butts and stop aiding and abetting the fascist, police-state takeover of all of North America by the neoconservative Bushite administration of the United States.

Is there a moral to this tale of political skullduggery promulgated by these feather merchants? Not bloody likely unless you still believe morals still exist in politics - but - if perchance there should happen to be -- then, in this case, it is 'beware of two-faced treacherous politicians trying to sell you jelly-beans and give you potato soup enemas.

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