Haiti: Preval Government Caves to Global Privatizers

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CTH Worries About the Governance of the Country
by Confederation of Haitian Workers
Today, the CTH has come to the realization that workers and the Haitian people are up to their last breath. Instead of this government taking concrete measures to put the country on the track of development, by facilitating the creation of jobs; they have instead put their heads between their legs in the privatization of government-owned enterprises. As a result there is widespread unemployment, misery and hunger.

At this very moment, the Preval/Alexis government has decided to lay-off more than 1500 people; mostly head of households who were working at the telephone company (Teleco); this is going to increase even more an already large sector of the population who are unemployed.

The Haitian People is facing a situation of calamity and suffering; the Preval/Alexis administration is satisfied in taking decisions that are anti-unions without putting into place any mechanisms to stop the privatization of state-owned enterprises. The CTH is asking, if it's not a way to put an end to the life of workers in particular but of the Haitian People in general?

The CTH further states, if there is any hope for workers and the Haitian People to breathe a sign of relief? The worst part is that the government hasn't done much to encourage investment and the private sector has virtually disappeared. As a result, the workers are left without any option; they are on their own walking the pavement.

If it were mandated to privatize state-owned enterprises, the CMEP law is very specific as to what steps the government must take in order to modernize those enterprises. The following applied; there should either be a contract to manage the enterprise, concession or capitalization. Which one has the government chosen?

Taking into account this fact, the CTH would like to bring the publics' attention that the CMEP law does not grant anyone the authority to privatize state-owned enterprises.

The CTH believe the procedure that is in place for the government to compensate the employees of Teleco is inadmissible and the amount of money put at their disposition for the number of years worked at the enterprise is insufficient.

Since we are a worker's organization that believe in participative democracy; we encourage the process of dialogue that has been taking place between the government and the trade-unionists.

We think that there should be public debates by the government and the trade unionists as to the question of privatizing state-owned enterprises and particularly Teleco.
From there, we will come out with viable and reasonable solutions; because the role of the government is not to engage in a witch hunt, but rather to guarantee employment and to create work; which are essential conditions that allow workers to take care of their family with dignity.

Paul Loulou, CHERY, ,Secrétaire Général
Hubert JEAN, Secrétaire Général adjoint

Visit the Website for the Confédération des travailleurs haitiens (CTH) at http://haitilabor.org
HAITI: Official Press Release from the CTH on the Privatization of Government-Owned Enterprises

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