Remaking Reality the Neocon Way

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Remaking the World the Neocon Way
by Jack Random
As Pakistan joins the list of American allies on the verge of implosion, let us remember and pay homage to the Neocon dream – the dream of Wolfowitz, Perle, Cheney, Frum and Rumsfeld. 
Let us remember when the dream was painted in the glowing colors of freedom and democracy.  

Let us recall the remarkably insensitive pronunciation of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as the bombardment of Israel rained down on southern Lebanon:  “The birth pangs of a new Middle East.”  

Remember when our president – the little man with an ego as large as the national debt – lectured Vladimir Putin that Russia ought to move toward a democracy like Iraq.  

Contrary to rumor, the Neocon dream, torn and tarnished, is not dead.  It is alive and well in the presidential candidacies of Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton.  

The Neocons have had a makeover and are making a comeback.  

There was a time when the world listened when America spoke.  There was a time when the world was willing to believe that America was a benevolent power.  For though our actions were often destructive, the world wanted to believe that our intentions were honest and virtuous.  

We laid waste to Southeast Asia but we genuinely thought the Red Menace was the supreme threat to world stability.  We supported dictators and overturned legitimate governments because we believed the end would justify the means.  We supported extremists that would later turn against us with a vengeance because we suffered from a lack of foresight.  

Under the tutelage of the Neocons, the administration of George W. Bush has exterminated all good will the world once invested in us.  The American dream is now defined by the Neocon nightmare.  

Imagine a world where the unpatriotic are imprisoned at will.  Imagine a world where criminals, lowlifes and sinners are not protected by a bureaucracy of lawyers.  Imagine a world where an out of control media dominated by anti-American propaganda, could be shut down overnight. 
Imagine a world where rowdy protesters in the streets can be mopped up, swept away like the trash they represent, or mowed down to make way for a new order.  Imagine a world where there is no troublesome judiciary, no rule of law, no constitution, no bill of rights, no balance of powers – nothing to interfere with the forward march of security, order and victory.  

Welcome to Pakistan, America’s ally in the war on terror!  All hail, Generalissimo Musharraf!  

The tepid response of America’s leaders and leading media is a disgrace to every soldier dead or alive who fell for the line about remaking the world for freedom and democracy.  Politicos and pundits, contenders and commentaries tell us we are naïve to believe that we could withdraw our support for the Generalissimo.  

On the positive side, maybe we’ve heard the end of the Neocon ravings about stopping the Hitler’s of our time – Hussein, Ahmadinajad, Chavez.  Musharraf is the ruler of a true nuclear power, a dominant force in the region.  Compared to Musharraf, Ahmadinajad is a boy scout.  Compared to Pakistan, Iraq is Panama.  

Take a good look at what is happening in Pakistan.  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has been dismissed, the court disbanded.  Attorneys have been rounded up and detained without charge for standing up to military rule, for claiming a stake in the rule of law.  Dissent has been outlawed and whatever press is allowed to function must only report the government’s point of view.  Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the right to be secure in one’s person and property have been banished.  

There is no more freedom in Musharraf’s Pakistan; democracy was just a dream and the titular head of the free world would like to encourage the Generalissimo to take off his uniform and schedule phony elections somewhere down the line.  

Other nations learn by our example.  Just as the Burmese government is reportedly water boarding Buddhist monks (reassured that such techniques wear the American stamp of approval), other nations are learning that our aid and assistance is dependent solely on strategic value.  Democratic values and human rights do not factor in the equation.  

Lebanon and Palestine have already learned.  Electoral victories by Hamas and Hezbollah were greeted by bombs and invasions.  

Just as the Neocons were lining up to take credit for the “success” in Iraq, just as they pressed their case for war with Iran, another turn of events reveals the depth of catastrophe under Neocon policies.  

Have we forgotten that Turkey is counting the hours until it begins an assault on northern Iraq?  Do we really think we have solved the problem by condemning the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) as terrorists?  Our “friends” in Kurdistan are allied with the PKK and the Kurdistan they envision goes well beyond Iraqi borders.  

Have we forgotten our war dance at the gates of Tehran?  Did anyone notice that the Iranians are dancing with Russia and China now?  

While we were playing war games in Anbar Province, did anyone notice that Afghanistan was disintegrating before NATO’s weary eyes?  

While we were encouraging the Cuban people to revolt, did anyone notice that the democratic movement in Latin America has continued its trend to the left?  

I have no doubt we will continue to hear the stale jargon of international pragmatism:  We have no choice.  We must support Musharraf.  

No, we do have a choice.  There is always a choice.  There are always lines we dare not cross and Musharraf has crossed most of them.  

In the wake of the Bush travesties, we confront a solemn choice.  If we continue on the Neocon path, the path of obsession and fear, a path that yields all guarantees of liberty to all promises of security, we will soon enough face the same sort of society we now see unfolding in Pakistan.  

We must never make the mistake of believing it cannot happen here; it can.  The only distinction between Pakistan and us is that we have further to fall.  That we are currently falling is apparent to most who still cherish democratic values.  We have already lost the sanctuary of liberties so many have fought so long to build.  The very core of democratic justice is compromised.  

No earthly authority should possess the power to arrest and detain any human being without due cause and process.  No earthly power possesses the moral authority to torture any living being for any reason.  

There are serious questions within our own democracy regarding freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, the right to vote and the right to proportionate representation.  

As we become more capable and information becomes more available, we should be finding ways to move closer to the democratic ideal; instead, we find ourselves moving steadily away.  Many believe we have already lost our passion for freedom.  Many are convinced there can be no freedom without security first.  

These are the reasons why we cannot be secure in the conviction that what is happening in Pakistan cannot happen here.  Guided by our fears, we have lost our way and the road of recovery is always more treacherous than the path of least resistance.  



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