National Sacrifice Zones

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National Sacrifice Zones
by C. L. Cook
The American public has been berated since the beginnings of the George W. Bush, (or Iraq) phase of the War With No End, for their lack of self-sacrifice.
Amongst the American "left," it was not uncommon, before the depth of the total and entirely abysmal disaster unleashed upon the Middle East was made too obvious to ignore, "liberal" commentators chided fellow citizens who would support a war policy, but not bite the bullet at home as crass hypocrites. This despite the Commander in Chief's stated belief that Americans continuing their lives as usual, and even going to Disneyland, was the best way to show the Terrorists they couldn't win.
Those same sad commentators then invariable made comparisons, citing the ration books and victory gardens of WWII as the proper way to conduct a home front. This is more than a nonsense, because it both belies the truth and denies the suffering; most Americans have sacrificed plenty, more than we know.

First to pay; the dead, and their bereaved friends and family.
More than five thousand killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to official figures. Three thousand more dead, killed at Zero Hour, the commencement moment of all that has followed, in New York City, Washington, D.C., and somewhere in the sky over Ohio.

Next are the armless, the legless, the blind, and insane.
Their numbers rarely mentioned, those that emerged the battlefield alive but not whole, their illnesses contested by a corrupt bureaucracy, and left neglected to fester, forgotten lost members, the last inhabitants to be of a terminally wounded medical system, they and their bereaved friends and families have sacrificed.

And at home there are innocents, numbering in untold thousands, citizens persecuted and falsely imprisoned, despised, distrusted, deprived of their internationally recognized human rights, and vilified for no more reason than living their lives under the inalienable assumptions of American citizenship.
Imprisoned, and made aliens at home, because "everything is changed;" they too have paid.
All Americans abroad suffering apologia, attempting unsuccessfully to reaffirm through example remnants of national worth and decency in the face of America's too numerous and too reprehensible crimes committed in the name of maintaining a "way of life" feel the loss and know the sacrifice made for this war.
"But millions didn't vote for him...and it was rigged, besides...twice..."
Gone Justice! Gone Liberty! 

It's Faerie Tale's end. America has lost her face in the eyes of the world. Where once hope, now dismay. Where virtue... its a good question!?

Done are days of sympathy for Americans in growing quarters, and finished its influence. Soon, none will seek America's council, nor listen to its arguments.America has sacrificed its' place in the world, and with that all Americans are diminished.
As mercenary armies proliferate, filling the boots of once "principled" military interventions, the actions of their paymasters seem more mercenary than altruistic. Any faith in benign intents driving foreign policy is for normal functioning Americans a dead illusion.

With the moral high-ground admittedly gone, sacrifices Americans have made for this war can too include the damning fact: Trillions of dollars of public monies has been devoted to the destruction of a modern nation-state, and attempted annihilation of a complete culture; the wiping of a people from the pages of history.
Americans are now not free to be free of complicity; their labors largely being an intrinsic part of an economy based on industrial scale global homicide, they're all implicated.
Many nations are too accomplice, but for the exception, the nation first among nations, the hope and light of the world America, the sacrifice made is huge, all round.

Now the whole world waits the consequences.


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