Coitus Interruptus: Stopping North America Union

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Prime Minister Steven Harper Could
Stop the North American Union - Not!
by Catherine Whelan Costen
It was refreshing to read an article referring to threat of the North American Union, as you say, many politicians dismiss the term as some sort of conspiracy theory, even while they move on with the plan. You raise some important points about Paul Martin’s role in this betrayal of Canadians, however you mislead the public when you suggest that Mr.Harper would or could save us from the threat.
Why would he stop the NAU? Is it your intention to form a heroes image in the minds of Canadian voters just prior to the election? Consider the flow of this takeover of three sovereign nations if you will? Who has been behind the scheme?
A letter to Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press
Re: article “Prime Minister Steven Harper could stop the North American Union”

Yes it began with Free Trade and as the now infamous comment by an American has come to fruition, we must ask ourselves the depth of the plan.
The day the FTA was signed on October 3, 1987, U.S. trade representative Clayton Yeutter, let slip this observation. "We've signed a stunning new trade pact with Canada. The Canadians don't understand what they've signed. In twenty years, they will be sucked into the U.S. economy.”

When MP Emerson slid through the muck on his Liberal coat-tails into the ‘new conservative’ bench to capture and hold on to his portfolio as Trade Minister, this was not only accepted but embraced by Harper. How can you suggest that Harper would stop the NAU? Emerson was the only Liberal left standing after the election who was involved in the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership).
Pettigrew and Mclellan both lost their seats! Harper signed the second SPP with Bush and Fox a year after Martin did. Is he really against it? Harper has moved Canada’s military closer to the U.S. agenda, influence and control. The language of the military machine in Canada now echos the false bravado of the U.S. killing machine. Listen to General Hillier and you will have a good sense of the new world order! The new Fortress America, which began as the plan for 2020, or Vision 2020 (where the U.S. promoted their world dominance, space dominance through BMD and their ability to control the planet and space) is not a system which one person can stop.

Harper cannot stop this loss of Canadian sovereignty even if he wanted to, (although that is certainly contrary to the evidence as above). The NAU is not a U.S. takeover of Canada and Mexico; it is not a Union of like minded citizens joining forces to protect ourselves from a mighty villain. The villain and the defender are rather difficult to determine in today’s global climate.
One might call a villain the one who invades, destroys and kills thousands of people. One might call a defender the one who stands up for his/her country. Who is terrorizing the planet and who is defending it, is a very interesting question? But to suggest that Harper could be the hero who will stand up for Canadian sovereignty against the global elites is beyond comprehension.
Neither Liberals or Conservatives have been willing to fully declare the deals made. Whatever gave you the idea that this is a Union like the European Union, where the citizens were asked to vote on the decision? No, it is the absorption, of the territory, the people, the resources, the military, and all that should be controlled by the people of these nations, into a corporate controlled empire. The deals are made in secret and no mainstream media will even report it; save Lou Dobbs on CNN.

Who is making decisions for the people of the nations? Which nation can boast that their elected members of government are really the people’s representatives? Which country can say they will outlaw poverty, homelessness and ensure their citizens have healthy food choices, clean air, water and accessible, affordable healthcare and education for all? Mr. Harper?
Not only did he not speak out when Martin signed the first but he endorsed the second signing. Read the government’s promotion of it on their website. The Security and Prosperity Agreement is an agreement for the corporate elites to move freely over North America and ensure their prosperity and security in doing so. The strength of this new fortress empowers them to ‘liberate’ any country they wish. How many more coalitions of the willing are going to spread this new form of democracy throughout the world? It has nothing to do with security for citizens or prosperity for families. This is the dawning of a new empire!

If that was not so, why are the new laws such as the anti-terrorism legislation all about confining people, restricting people’s civil rights, preventing lawful protests, restricting freedom of speech and freedom of association? Where are the new laws that restrict foreign ownership of our nation? Where are the laws that prevent corporate pollution, or prevent drugs from entering the market without proper testing?
Where is the security for Canadians in our ability to access healthcare? Where are the laws that embrace alternative healthcare, organic food and vitamins? Where are the laws preventing hormones from being used in our food supply? Where are the laws that declare every person’s right to a fair living wage in this nation?

Is the citizenry secure enough to rest peacefully when their children are off fighting corporate wars around the globe? How prosperous are our soldiers going to be when they return sick from depleted uranium, and their offspring are born deformed or disabled? How safe do the citizens feel when the government is trying to track our every move through finger prints, DNA and iris scans, internet tracking, wiretaps and farming out our census to a foreign corporation? Who is being protected? Who is being prosperous in this new world order?

Did Harper commit our soldiers to the corporate wars? Did he sign the second SPP? Did he invite David Emerson into the fold? Did he invite open and honest debate in the House of Commons regarding the North American Union? Did he ask for an independant investigation into 911 or delve into the real reasons for Canadians to be in the Middle East? Did he ask for truth before committing our sons and daughters to Bush’s perpetual wars, to liberate the people through the barrel of a gun?

The fact is that no person is going to stop this unholy union.  Those most heavily involved and with the most to lose, are definitely not going to stop it. They will continue to mislead us, to double speak us, to deny it completely, as was done with Free Trade. The press seems ready to spin this next election. When will they start to write reality rather than act as marketers for the chosen few? Clearly we have much at stake, but when will the citizenry be informed?

When will we be willing to take our part in the democracy we claim to desire?  How bad does it have to get before Canadians wake up to the reality of their situation? Our nation hangs in peril at the hands of a few, which you have declared so clearly in your article. Yet you paint a pretty picture of a Hollywood dream; I can just see Mr.Harper wearing a clean white hat, riding a pony through the smoke of war, wrapped in the maple leaf, holding the tattered stars and stripes and yelling, ‘Viva Amigos!’

No, not this time. No flag will still stand when they are done with us. Finally the press reports the true threat to this nation, but all in one article you have reported the threat and declared the hero who will save us! Do you think enough Canadians will buy that line? I do hope not.

There will be no Canadian hero rising from the midst of the torn and tattered flag, the stars and stripes will not flutter a welcome, the maple leaf will be buried beneath it all, wrapped up in the Mexican shroud. We don’t need heroes. We need thinking human beings. We need more than a slogan, a song and a prayer! We need action! We need real freedom of speech and freedom of the press!

It’s time for the press to get out from behind the corporate shield and start to investigate their stories and declare fact. Perhaps we’ll pin a medal on the brave soul that dares to write what the NAU means for the hardworking Canadian citizen?


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