Peeling the North American Union

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What is the North American Union...
and why won't they tell us about it?
by Jack Etkin
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice came to Ottawa on Friday to talk about the Corporate North American Union. Some of the topics were:

* Reinventing borders
* Reinvigorating the North American defence alliance
* Maximizing regulatory efficiencies
* And so on....

All of these things are code words for more corporate power and corporate profit.
The Corporate North American Union is a sort of 'merger' of Canada the US and Mexico ... into one 'nation' under Corporate control.
I'm not sure what it's all about, but I do know that it is a Corporate plan, so I know that I don't trust it.
I also know that no-one in the power structure is talking about it. The media won't. The politicians won't. And the rest of us don't know anything about it.
I know this Corporate Union is opposed by the Council of Canadians. And the Canadian Action Party. And lots of groups big and small. And lots of people ... lots of citizens. But of course we are all irrelevant.
I think this Corporate Union poses a clear and present danger to all of us.  Do we really want more corporate control of our society and our future?  
This deal has nothing to do with the people of Canada, the US, or Mexico.  It is simply Corporate - a takeover of all 3 countries by big business   
And look where they've taken us in the last 30 years. They've poisoned us all. All of us have been put in danger by climate change. There are homeless everywhere.  Food banks are being stretched to the breaking point.  They are destroying our health care system so they can privatize it.  And we don't have money for our schools.
But on the other hand, Corporate Profits just hit another record high this year. $231 Billion.
$231 Billion in corporate profit in Canada this year.  For $1 Billion we could build 10,000 units of rental housing at $100,000 a unit; but they won't let us. If we had done this for the last 5 years, there would be homes for the homeless, but that is not what the corporations want so it can't happen.
In Canada, the driving force behind the Corporate North American Union is the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. Most Canadians have never heard of this group. That's because it is so important.
The CCCE basically consists of the Chief Executive Officers of the 150 biggest
corporations in Canada. This group is the center of power in Canada, working on behalf of the world's billionaire families, investment banks, and elites.
They are the ones who tell our governments what to do.
Now they've told them to form a Corporate North American Union...and the politicians are doing it, perhaps because they are totally corrupt or perhaps because they know that if they don't they will simply be removed and the next guy - or gal - brought in.
An agreement has already been signed. "The North American Security and Prosperity Partnership". (SAPP - which is a good name for what we all are.)  It was signed in secret, in Texas, in 1995, by Paul Martin, George Bush, and Vincente Fox.  
The Liberals signed it origiinally, the Conservatives are moving it ahead, no one representing the public is allowed at the 'table', only the corporations and 'our' governments.  
Nobody will talk about it, and the media won't tell us about it. And by the way, the Corporations that own CTV, the Globe and Mail, and most of Canada's daily papers and private  TV stations are members of the CCCE, so they are the ones behind the deal...
It's not that the media doesn't 'know' about it; they just won't tell US about it; that is democracy in Canada.
Sounds good to me!


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