Off and Running, and Still Way Off

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For this reason, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would do well to remember that the Democrats did not win last November's elections.

Rather, the Republicans lost!

Six years ago, a repeated failure gained enough votes to fudge his way into the White House, because Karl Rove convinced voters that he could “get the job done”, whatever that job might be.

Mention “Neo-Conservatism”, the driving force for the Dubya Administration’s foreign policy (Other than savaging the Bill of Rights, do they even have a domestic policy?), and most Americans, even and perhaps, especially, Bushling-voters will give you the usual blank stares.

The mainstream media is of no help here, given their near total disregard for the issues.

A cursory attempt to research Senator Obama’s positions yields little enlightenment. Some of what I read about his is favorable. Some of what I read is disturbing.

Senator Clinton, on the other hand, has a longer record on Capitol Hill and her positions are easy to discern for those interested.

For me, her voting record on the Iraq War, her statements with reference to a just Israeli-Palestinian peace, and sources for campaign contributions completely disqualify her for the Presidency of the United States.

Her other positions also require scrutiny.

Senator Clinton’s entrance into the race may be the political story of the year.

However, the Senator is not an enigma herself as much as is the public’s perception and response to her.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why “liberals” love her, and “conservatives” loathe her, other than ignorance or disregard of her positions on the vital issues of our day.


Video Suggest by Commenter added:


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