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Year Zero for the End: All Elements of the Sixth Extinction Present and Accountable

Sixth Great Mass Extinction Event Begins; 2015 on Pace to Become Hottest Year on Record
by Dahr Jamail - Truthout

At the end of May, a few friends and I opted to climb a couple of the larger volcanoes in Washington State. We started on Mount Adams, a 12,280-foot peak in the southern part of the state.

We were able to drive to the Cold Springs Campground at 5,600 feet, where the climb would begin. This itself was an anomaly for late May, when the dirt road tended to still be covered with snowpack. But not this year, one in which Washington's Gov. Jay Inslee has already declared a statewide drought emergency, given this year's record-low snowpack.

In fact, we hiked up bare earth until around 7,500 feet before we even had to don our crampons (metal spikes that attach to climbing boots to improve traction), itself another anomaly. During a short visit to the Forest Service ranger station the day before, the ranger had informed us that we were already experiencing mid- to late-August conditions, though it wasn't yet June.

A few days later and much further north on Mount Baker, a 10,781-foot glacial-clad volcano not far from the border of Canada, we experienced the same thing.

Telling Them Anything: What Canadians Must Remember About Liberal Party's Past Promises

Meet Canada’s Latest Liberal Man-Boy
by Murray Dobbin - CounterPunch
Here we go again — the Red Book 3.0. Yet another build-up of Liberal election promises just like the ones we’ve seen before (though I admit the one about changing the voting system might be hard to dodge).
The most infamous, of course, was Jean Chretien’s, which he held high and waved at every opportunity in the 1993 election. Co-authored by Paul Martin, it promised the world as we would like it: strong communities, enhanced Medicare, equality, increased funding for education, an end to child poverty. You could almost hear the violins playing. But what turned out to be the most remarkable thing about the book of promises was the record number that were ultimately broken: all of them.
The only time you can trust the federal Liberal Party is when they don’t have a majority — and even with a minority government they have to dragged kicking and screaming to do anything that does not please Bay Street. This fact needs to be repeated over and over again in the next few months leading up to the election as political amnesia is a dangerous condition to take with you into the voting booth.

Getting to the Ends of the Earth Doc Made

To the Ends of the Earth

To the Ends of the Earthfollows a group of concerned citizens and experts as they bear witness to humanity’s descent further down the “resource pyramid.”
At the top of the pyramid, energy is easy to find and cheap, and it requires minimal labour and has the highest capital and energy return on investment, as in the case of Saudi oil.
In the middle of the pyramid, resources are more difficult and costly to extract, as in the case of the Alberta tar sands and shale gas:

“Drill, baby, drill” has become “mine, baby, mine,”
“steam, baby, steam,” and “frack, baby, frack.”
At the bottom of the pyramid there are resources such as Utah’s oil shale, the economic feasibility of which, despite billions in investments, remains uncertain. After ten years of rather intensive global development, “unconventional resources” now comprise 42% of the planet’s energy mix.
Add a comment Add a comment Read more: Getting to the Ends of the Earth Doc Made

Economic Zealotry and the Greek Scapegoat

Athens Agonistes: Troika Extremists Write New Greek Tragedy
by Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque

The people of Greece are being driven to their knees by a gang of brutal religious extremists, willing to destroy whole nations for the sake of something that doesn't even exist. Yet the 'civilized' world cheers these barbarians on as they despoil the cradle of Western democracy.
Greece is facing total collapse unless it knuckles under to the draconian demands of the bizarre cultists known as the Troika, a sinister union of three extremist groups (the I.M.F., the European Central Bank and the European Commission) who seek to impose their harsh and rigid way of life across the world. They insist that control of a nation's wealth be given over to a few powerful emirs and the Troika's favored moneylenders in its richer satrapies.
All measures designed to aid the common good and build a decent life for ordinary citizens are ruthlessly suppressed by the Troikaists. Public resources are forcibly sold off -- at knock-down prices -- to foreign interests or local lordlings.
The fact that millions of people are left destitute, living diminished lives in crumbling infrastructure, growing sicker, weaker, more hopeless, even dying from want and neglect -- none of this matters to the ruthless fanatics. All that matters is obedience to their will, and adherence to the Troika's bleak and joyless system for the regulation of life, which its learned theologians call austerity.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, David Heap, Jesse Freeston, Janine Bandcroft July 1st, 2015

This Week on GR
by C. L. Cook -

Another tide of international activists attempting to shore up in besieged Gaza were intercepted by Israel's navy Monday.

The converted fishing vessel, Marianne, flagged out of Gothenburg, Sweden, was boarded and its crew taken prisoner. Among those taken are two Canadians; indigenous activist Richard Lovelace, and Victorian, Kevin Neish. The pair were still in Israeli custody at the time of this writing, though their colleagues are not entirely certain of the fate of the two intrepids.

Neish was aboard the Mavi Marmara, the Turkish registered passenger liner attacked in 2010 by Israeli commandos; an attack costing the lives of nine.
David Heap is a Canadian spokesperson for the Freedom Flotilla Coalition's Canada Gaza Boat.
David Heap in the first half.
And; resistance is rife; wherever oppression and dispossession are the order of the day, people will stand up and fight back. In Honduras, June 28th marks the anniversary of a crime against the people; a crime that continues six years later. On that infamous date, a coup ousted the legitimate government of Manuel "Mel" Zelaya, taking power at the barrel of a gun, and taking Honduras back to a time most had hoped would never return. Since 2009, the generalissimos have dashed all democratic and economic reforms made to empower the poorest, while murdering all who would oppose them. But the opposition persists.
Jesse Freeston is a Canadian documentary filmmaker and videojournalist. A seminal member of the Real News Network, he's now moved into directing documentaries for teleSUR, the world's largest Spanish-language public broadcaster. His latest film is Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley, is temporarily available for free online viewing in remembrance of the day democracy died in Honduras.
Jesse Freeston and Hasta La Resistencia, Siempre! in the second half.
And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us from the streets of the city at a demonstration in solidarity with our comrade Kevin Neish at the bottom of the hour. But first, David Heap and the latest on the taking of the Marianne.
Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at: And now heard at Simon Fraser University's . He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
Add a comment Add a comment Read more: Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, David Heap, Jesse Freeston, Janine Bandcroft July 1st, 2015

Demo for Detained Canadians Set for Canada Day in Victoria

Dear Friends of SJS; Victoria Friends of Cuba calls for your support
by Victoria Friends of Cuba/Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
Friends, late Sunday, June 28 a flotilla of four boats carrying humanitarian aid making their way towards Gaza was illegally stopped when Israeli Naval Forces forced their way onto the leading boat the Marianne of Gothenburg.
12 noon Wednesday, July 1
Government & Belleville, Victoria 
(kitty-corner from the Legislature at the Emily Carr statue)

Various reports state that the Marianne seized by Israeli Forces has been towed to the port of Ashdod while the three remaining boats turned back.

At least two Canadians, Kevin Neish from Victoria, who many of us know and Robert Lovelace from the Ardoch Algonquin Nation of Ontario were among 20 others on the Marianne. There has been no contact with the people that were on board of the Marianne. We do not know what their condition is or how they
are being treated.

The boats were in international waters, broke no international laws and were on a humanitarian mission.

New York State Ban Official, But "Infrastructure Projects" and Fracking Neighbours Still Pose Risk

It's Official: New York State Bans Fracking
via Gasland
Friends; today, New York’s fracking ban became official state policy with the release of the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Findings Statement. The statement concludes an almost seven year scientific study that determined no regulations, only a ban, could protect New York citizens from the inherent dangers of fracking.
This is a huge victory for public health and grassroots democracy. It’s a victory that should be celebrated across the country, not just in New York, because it would not have been possible without so many of you.
New York has a ban today because families in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wyoming, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado and so many more places spoke up about what fracking was doing to their communities. New York citizens heard your stories and were relentless in their fight to protect their families. Armed with science and grassroots organizing, they took on one of the most powerful industries in the world, and won.
But this ban does not protect New York from dangerous fracking infrastructure projects or our neighbors in PA and friends across the country who are still being fracked.

Putin's Pivot: Pipeline End-Run Surprises US Defense Secretary

Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam … Again
by Mike Whitney - CounterPunch

Here’s the scoop: Two days before the swaggering Sec-Def touched down in Germany, Gazprom announced that it was putting the finishing touches on a massive deal that would double the amount of Russian gas flowing to Germany via a second Nord Stream pipeline.

The shocking announcement made it look like the clueless Ash Carter had no idea what was going on and that his efforts to isolate Russia were a complete flop.
And, make no mistake; the deal is huge, big enough to change the geopolitical calculus of the entire region. Robert Morley explains what’s going on in a recent article at The Trumpet:

“Once this pipeline is finished, almost all of Eastern Europe can be completely cut out of the gas picture. There will be no need for any gas to transit through Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Hungary or Slovakia.” (Gazprom’s Dangerous New Nord Stream Gas Pipeline to Germany, The Trumpet)

Yep, Ukraine is out and Germany’s in, which means that Washington’s plan to extend US hegemony by driving a wedge between Russia and Europe is down the plughole.

Good People and Their Good Work

From Zurich
by Mazin Qumsiyeh - Popular Resistance
Humanitarian ships trying to peacefully break the illegal and immoral siege on Gaza were intercepted by the Israeli navy. But good people will keep trying to do good things against all odds. See this video for example about a Gaza initiative with colors
So far my trip to Europe is going great. And from what I hear from the volunteers and workers at the museum back in Bethlehem, there are also great news. The whirlwind tour of Europe began in Munich and  goes through Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Zurich, Dornbrin, Bratislava, Vienna. Nine cites in in 12 days meant lots of trains and other modes of transportation.

Main two purposes are: signing my book on Sharing the Land of Canaan (out in German now); and, seeking collaborations and partnerships for our nascent museum of Natural History. This gives one time to read and reflect.

Murdoch Lapdog Abbott Floats Scotching ABC

Abbott government calls for sackings at Australian Broadcasting Corporation
by Nick Beams - WSWS

26 June 2015
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared that, “heads should roll” at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, following an unedited re-screening, in conformity with normal practice, of last Monday night’s controversial “Q&A” panel discussion program. He also announced that the government was setting up an inquiry into the program, which will report its findings next Tuesday.
During the course of Monday night’s edition, acquitted terrorist suspect Zaky Mallah was permitted to ask a prepared and vetted question. Later, he was given the call to make a live comment, in which he referred to inflammatory remarks by junior government minister Steve Ciobo, a panellist on the program, as a reason why some young Muslim men might look to joining ISIS.
Since then, the government and its supporters in the media, especially the Murdoch press, have maintained an unending barrage, falsely claiming that the program and the ABC provided a platform for terrorism.
Such is the witch-hunt atmosphere being created, that the ABC has increased security measures at its offices after receiving threatening phone calls.

#NextPort Gaza Kevin Neish from the Freedom Flotilla

#NextPort Gaza Kevin Neish from the Freedom Flotilla boats 
by Gaza Freedom Flotilla
For the people of #Gaza today, the situation really is no better than it was at the end of the war. Freedom Flotilla III will try to get to Gaza to attempt to break the illegal and inhuman blockade of the strip.

The 'Marianne' fishing boat departed from Gothenburg (Sweeden) the 10th of May, and stoped in the Swedish ports of Malmö and Helsingborg, before reaching the ports of Copenhagen (Denmark), Kiel (Germany), Brest (France), Bueu (Galicia), Lisbon (Portugal), Motril (Spain), Palermo and Mesina (Italy), and Athens (Greece). After this solidarity, 3 more boats are accompanying 'Marianne' in its way to Gaza port.
Freedom Flotilla is a joint international peaceful, nonviolent action from civil society. More than 50 people, including politicians, human rights activists, university professors, journalists and even a member of Knéset (Israeli Parliament), of 20 countries from all around the world. The boats are loaded with: solar panels, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and paintings of Sicilian children for the children of Gaza.


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