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How Canada Supports the Undermining of Greek Ecology and Economy

Canadian Mining Company Eldorado Gold Devastates Greek Communities but Avoids Paying Taxes
by MiningWatch Canada

March 30, 2015

Ottawa/Amsterdam - Canadian mining company Eldorado Gold is undermining Greek economic recovery by large-scale tax avoidance according to a new report by the Dutch Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO).

Eldorado is also supported by Export Development Canada.
Fool’s Gold reveals that tax avoidance by Canadian mining company Eldorado Gold, using “mailbox” (shell) companies in the Netherlands, has led to tax losses of at least CDN $2.3 million for Greece in the past two years. There are also serious environmental and human right concerns related to the company’s operations.

Eldorado Gold avoids tax in Greece

Fool’s Gold shows that Eldorado Gold finances its Greek operations using internal loans, shifting interest payments from Greek subsidiary, Hellas Gold SA, via Dutch mailbox companies to its Barbados subsidiary – where this income remains untaxed. Eldorado has no material operations in the Netherlands or in Barbados. Under this financing structure, future profits from Eldorado’s Greek operations and related income tax can be substantially reduced – especially when combined with transfer mispricing and other tax avoidance techniques widely used by extractive sector firms.
“The European Union and the Netherlands have double standards. On the one hand they impose harsh austerity measures which have devastating social and economic impacts in Greece; on the other hand, they actively facilitate tax avoidance which costs the Greek state millions of euros,” says SOMO researcher Katrin McGauran.
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Evicted! Heiltsuk Send Department of Fisheries Down the Road

Heiltsuk Nation Occupies DFO Office in Face of Expected Herring Roe Fishery
by Damien Gillis - Common Sense Canadian

Tensions continue to escalate on the waters of the Great Bear Rainforest over a highly controversial herring fishery, as members of the Heiltsuk Nation are now occupying the local DFO office in opposition to a planned gillnet opening.
A group of Heiltsuk youth, elders and chiefs paddled and boated this afternoon from Bella Bella to the coast guard station on nearby Denny Island – headquarters of DFO’s central coast operations – to deliver an eviction notice reminding local representatives that Area 7 is a no-go zone for a commercial herring fishery this year.
The delegation stripped DFO of a ceremonial paddle which had been given to local officers before in good faith.
“You cannot have that,” youth leader Saul Brown told DFO representatives, “because you’re not here in a good way anymore.”
“You’re not conducting yourselves in a way that is sustainable for our future generations, so this is our children and youth saying, ‘We’re going to take that paddle back.'”

Following the demonstration, a conference call between Tribal Council leaders and DFO Regional Director General Sue Farlinger failed to yield a diplomatic solution to the ongoing conflict.

New York Times, Cheerleader for More War and Killing

NYT Publishes Call to Bomb Iran
by Robert Parry - Consortium News

March 28, 2015

If two major newspapers in, say, Russia published major articles openly advocating the unprovoked bombing of a country, say, Israel, the U.S. government and news media would be aflame with denunciations about “aggression,” “criminality,” “madness,” and “behavior not fitting the Twenty-first Century.”
But when the newspapers are American – the New York Times and the Washington Post – and the target country is Iran, no one in the U.S. government and media bats an eye. These inflammatory articles – these incitements to murder and violation of international law – are considered just normal discussion in the Land of Exceptionalism.

Iranian man holds photo of Supreme 
Leader Ali Khamenei. (Iranian gov't photo)

On Thursday, the New York Times printed an op-ed that urged the bombing of Iran as an alternative to reaching a diplomatic agreement that would sharply curtail Iran’s nuclear program and ensure that it was used only for peaceful purposes. The Post published a similar “we-must-bomb-Iran” op-ed two weeks ago.

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America's Long War Lengthens: Yemen Falls Victim to Middle East Mayhem

Another Week, Another War: The Iron Logic of America's Middle East Madness
by Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque
Another week, another war. And yet another American alliance with the forces of Islamic extremism. Washington is clearly the guiding force between the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen -- a move that will almost certainly lead to a protracted and ruinous conflict, spilling over many borders and, as usual, creating fertile ground for more extremism.
In other words, America's war profiteers and military imperialists have given themselves another rich seam of loot and power.
And in Yemen, as in Syria, the Yanks are fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with their old allies, al Qaeda, once again.

Gazans Persist: Ahmed al-Sawaferi

Disabled teacher in Gaza inspires his students to never give up
by Mohammed Omer - Middle East Eye

GAZA CITY - In swift but careful movements, Ahmed al-Sawaferi, 25, moves around his tiny apartment. The same hand that places a teapot on the fire then maneuvers his wheelchair as he gets his things ready for the day ahead.
It’s time to say goodbye to his children: Jana, 4 and Motasem 10 months - before he leaves for Safad School in Zaytoun, one of the areas next to Shejaiya, east of Gaza City, a neighbourhood hard hit in last summer’s attack by Israel. He drives to the school determined to be as independent as possible and ensure that his own will should decide his future and not his disability.
As he makes his way around his neighbourhood, he cannot help but remember how drastically his life changed in a split second last year. One minute he was heading home to study for an exam and the next an Israeli missile struck and both his legs and one of his arms were torn from his body, rendering him wheelchair bound.

Police Rampage in Montreal: Anti-Austerity Activists Charge Violence "Systemic"

Notes on police brutality, deadly bullets and systemic violence
by Stefan Christoff - The Media Co-op
The recent wave of police repression against the growing anti austerity movement in Québec is shocking.

Last night police launched waves of tear gas against the second massive night protest this week, explosions shook the sky as chemical gases filled the cool spring air.

Thousands did take the streets for over an hour prior to the outright police attack, reclaiming the downtown core with an inspired spirit, chanting against the real emergency that the 2015/16 austerity budget equals for our society, a collective grassroots rejection of an economic program that sees devastating cuts to health care, education and the arts, all while sustaining some of the lowest corporate tax rates in the western world.

In response for these protest call for social justice, police forces are moving decisively to attempt to silence this movement of collective dissent against the contemporary violence of capitalism.

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Feds "Discover" Police Brutality in Philly

Feds Rediscover Police Brutality In City of Brotherly Love...er...Beat City - 17 years and still brutality and corrupt
by Linn Washington Jr. - This Can't Be Happening

The report slammed the Philadelphia Police Department for its historically flawed use of fatal force, directed primarily at non-whites, underscoring a repeated finding that Philadelphia’s Police Department has long owned one of the worst reputations of any police department in the United States.

The “persistence and regularity” of brutality and corruption in the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) indicate that “the city and its police force are failing to act to hold police accountable,” that report stated.
Philly's finest being cop, judge and
gangbangers on 8-year-old in 2012

The almost total failure of officials in Philadelphia to hold errant police officers accountable, the report noted, solidifies a “culture of impunity” that leads to new generations of police officers learning quickly that “their leadership accepts corruption and excessive force.”

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Media Complicity in Quebec Anti-Austerity Demonstration

Mainstream media attempting to criminalize anti-austerity movement
by Stefan Christoff - The Media Co-op

Many mainstream media reports on anti-austerity street protests in Montréal over recent days work to criminalize the thousands joining the actions and to justify police violence.

Absent from media reports are any specifics on the injuries taking place due to the multiple police assaults, or any serious info on the heavy use of pepper spray and flash bang grenades.

Ta blessure de flic, is a social media page that has been set-up for people to share info on police brutality and photos of their wounds, working to raise awareness of the real physical repression coming down on the growing anti-austerity movement in Québec.

One youth participant in the recent night rally had two teeth smashed by a police shield. In a social media post, the person describes the incident, outlining that a full-on hit to the face took place after some simple street banter with the riot police, the type of exchange that is so common to demonstrations.
Below is a translation of the original text.

Stemming Yemen's Threat to Oil Region's Order

Yemen Beware As It Threatens US-Backed Order
by Finian Cunningham - SCF
The crisis in Yemen is the latest manifestation of the old order desperately trying to cling on to a dwindling power base. That old order has been backed by the United States and its allies among the Persian Gulf Arab dictatorships as a bulwark against a popular uprising that could lead to democratisation in the poorest Middle Eastern country. If such an outcome were to succeed, the repercussions for the autocratic Gulf monarchies would be deeply destabilising. Saudi Arabia, which shares a southern border with Yemen, is the primary concern for this spreading "instability".
That is why the House of Saud is now issuing all sorts of grave warnings of "foreign interference" and blaming Iran for "aggression." Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al Faisal this week said that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is ready to send in a military force to "protect Yemen’s sovereignty". The GCC comprises the six monarchial states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. All are stalwart American client regimes.
Meanwhile, Washington is urging Yemeni rival factions to «return to the United Nations-mediated peace talks». Samantha Power, the US representative on the UN Security Council, said:

"To preserve Yemen's security, stability and unity, all parties must refrain from any further unilateral and offensive military actions."

UN envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar, amid warnings of all-out civil war, said this week that imminent talks were scheduled to take place in the Qatari capital, Doha. Al Jazeera reported that "any agreement reached would be signed in [Saudi capital] Riyadh."

Heiltsuk Take to the Sea to Save Herring Spawn

First Nation taking herring concerns to Jimmy Pattison’s Canfisco
by Damien Gillis - Common Sense Canadian
A delegation of Heiltsuk First Nations and their supporters will be taking the central coast community’s concerns over a recent herring fishery in their territory to to the Jimmy Pattison-owned Canfisco processing plant in Vancouver this afternoon.

Pattison is the largest owner of commercial herring licences and boats in BC, many of which took part in a highly controversial herring seine opening on Sunday and Monday in Spiller Channel, near Bella Bella. Heiltsuk members were caught by off guard when DFO opened the commercial seine fishery Sunday night without advising them first.

The community had declared its territory closed to the commercial herring kill fishery this year due to concerns of the health of the stock.

California's Water Woes Leading to Wars?

California Water Wars: Another Form of Asset Stripping?
by Ellen Hodgson Brown - Dissident Voice
March 24th, 2015 

california produce droughtIn California’s epic drought, wars over water rights continue, while innovative alternatives for increasing the available water supply go untapped.
Wars over California’s limited water supply have been going on for at least a century. Water wars have been the subject of some vintage movies, including the 1958 hit The Big Country starring Gregory Peck, Clint Eastwood’s 1985 Pale Rider, 1995’s Waterworld with Kevin Costner, and the 2005 film Batman Begins.
Most acclaimed was the 1975 Academy Award winner Chinatown with Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway, involving a plot between a corrupt Los Angeles politician and land speculators to fabricate the 1937 drought in order to force farmers to sell their land at low prices.
The plot was rooted in historical fact, reflecting battles between Owens Valley farmers and Los Angeles urbanites over water rights.
Today the water wars continue on a larger scale with new players. It’s no longer just the farmers against the ranchers or the urbanites. It’s the people against the new “water barons” – Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Monsanto, the Bush family, and their ilk – who are buying up water all over the world at an unprecedented pace.

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